Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a military obligation for JROTC Cadets?

Students who participate in JROTC are not required to join the military after high school, and the program is not a military preparation class.

Will I have to wear a uniform everyday while in the program?

Students are required to wear a uniform that mirrors what military personnel wear in their respective branches.

Typically cadets will wear the uniform ONCE a week for a full day at school and receive a grade for proper wear.  Students are expected to wear uniforms to JROTC events.

How will this program benefit me after high school?

The JROTC program teaches skills that are useful for any student. In addition, JROTC service can be a real boost to a college admissions application. Admissions offices are typically interested in students that demonstrate interest and experience in leadership, and JROTC is an excellent opportunity to gain this skill.
Starting in the ninth grade, students in JROTC are eligible to apply for specific college scholarships. And 260 colleges offer scholarships to students in JROTC that don't require military service or even participation in ROTC while in college.

Do I need experience to participate in the JROTC team activities?

No experience required for any of the team activities.  We only want your motivation to learn, dedication to grow, and maximum participation in practices and scheduled events.